The system is at the EU safety and quality standards and has CE certification.


Fast and easy assembly and disassembly

The platform can be easily assembled and disassembled by two persons.


The platform runs quiet and without any vibration. It does not cause visual pollution.

Easy handling and storing

It can be easily handled and stored as it can be disintegrated and it is modular.

More efficient and fast operating

Allows faster completion of projects by less personnel compared to classic scaffolding systems. Increases workflow and efficiency. Provides high rates of saving from time and workmanship compared to classic scaffolding systems.

High occupational health and safety

The safety is increased up to the highest level by means of the steel frame body, stronger columns, precision stability system, extra safer guardrails on the platform, safety belts, direction at the desired elevation by means of PLC computer control, automatic floor access through remote control, emergency, failure detection and troubleshooting by sensors, safe handling and lifting any material, powerful and reliable engines, safe and soft stop by parachute break in case of an emergency, emergency stop and audible notification (alarm system).

Cost advantages

Advantages provided from time and workmanship, easy and efficient handling and storing facilities, availability to use for much longer time and in more projects provide serious cost advantages.

Mast column technology

By means of the mast column system, columns can be used both in the work platforms and service elevators. High resistance is ensured for the columns with their 4mm with profile thickness.

Functional operation

The platform is suitable for both the new construction projects, maintenances and repairs of existing buildings and facilities and kinds of exterior facade works such as glass glazing, aluminium and granite coating/siding, jacketing, plastering and etc.

Fast and efficient technical service support

Your worksite is accessed within 24 hours upon your application and your problem is intervened. All spare parts are stocked and they can be supplied without any problem when you need them.


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